Two HUGE mating pythons crashing through ceiling

Two giant pythons came crashing through the plasterboard after they were found mating in a family’s home.

The mammoth 13 foot-long and 16 foot-long serpents were heard making creaking noises on the wooden beams at the house in Pahang state, Malaysia, on February 12.

Confused father Som Salleh, 57, went to check but was horrified to find a snake’s tail sticking out of the hole above.

The terrified parent fled the house with his family. Eight wildlife rescue officers from the local fire station rushed to the home to catch the pythons.

Footage shows the serpents intertwined while rescuers pulled them out of the ceiling using a catching pole. They then crashed down but clung to the roof.

Shaken father Som said: “I was chatting with my daughter in the other room when we heard the sound of something falling off the roof.

“I had goosebumps after seeing the tail. I immediately reported to the rescue workers.’

Because of the snake’s combined weight of more than 50kg, with one of them weighing 32kg and the other 25kg, the ceiling collapsed.

Rescuers pulled on the snakes and dragged them out of the house. No one was reported hurt from the incident.

Civil Defense Officer for the Bentong Region, Leftenan Azizah Husain, said: “After we rescue, we will release these two snakes in a safe place.

“We urge people to be careful because summer is almost here and causes snakes to seek cooler places.”

She also appealed to the public to immediately report to the authorities if they find wild animals in their homes. She added: “Handling wild animals by an experienced team will reduce the risk.”

The evacuation of the snakes took almost an hour. Meanwhile, Som said he would have his home repaired.

He added: “This is the first time I have seen a python as big as that. I will have to replace the broken ceiling of my house.”

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