Top 10 SCARY Sounds From Outer Space

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Top 10 SCARY Sounds From Outer Space
Space is vast, mysterious, and has the potential to be pretty terrifying. In fact, the thought of coming into contact with extraterrestrial life or getting lost in space is horrifying enough to have spawned hundreds of horror movies. But nothing is quite as scary as what actually lurks up there. Real space encounters are actually more unnerving than anything I’ve ever seen at the cinema. So today, we’re counting down the top ten scariest sounds from space.

10. Jupiter Radio Signals
9. Earth Whistling
8. Plasma Hiss
7. Marsquake
6. Saturn Radio Emissions
5. Earth’s Magnetic Drum
4. Balloon Records Alien Sounds
3. Singing Comet
2. Jupiter’s Bow Shock
1. Music from the Far Side of the Moon

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