Robert F Kennedy Jr Names the CIA Agents Who Killed His Uncle JFK (Part 6)

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. outlined his belief that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in his uncle JFK’s assassination. He stated that disgruntled members of the CIA were angry at President Kennedy for his perceived betrayal during the Bay of Pigs invasion and his controversial relationship with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. Kennedy Jr. outlined a secretive line of communication established between his uncle and Khrushchev to avoid war, with an agent named Georgie Bochco acting as a courier. Kennedy Jr. even claimed that on the day of his uncle’s assassination, Castro was meeting to discuss ending the embargo on Cuba, indicating that the assassination potentially disrupted peace efforts. Additionally, he added that President Kennedy had signed an order 30 days prior to his death, calling for all U.S. troops to return home from Vietnam. Kennedy Jr. concluded that his background as a district attorney makes him confident in this theory.