How Princess Diana Is Still Influencing Fashion Today

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This Royal Will Never Go Out Of Style

Princess Diana is a fashion icon we know and love. Best known for the Emmanuel gown she wore in marriage to Prince Charles, and her ‘revenge dress’, worn years later when Charles announced he had been unfaithful, Diana has many other fashion moments that have immortalized her style. Before her engagement to Prince Charles, Diana, the daughter of an aristocratic English line, was working as a nanny, and had only three pieces of clothing to call her own in a communal wardrobe shared with her roommates. Since her engagement to Charles, Diana has donned dozens of iconic outfits. Elegant and bold, the Princess of Wales was the OG fashion rulebreaker in the royal family. Her fashion decisions were never without purpose, and many of Diana’s best controversial looks drew attention to her work as a philanthropist, adding to her self-named “caring wardrobe”. Most notably, Diana never wore gloves to embrace the sick and opted out of any royal headwear that could prevent her from interacting with children. When Princess Di wasn’t supporting charitable causes, her fashion was causing a stir among the press for breaking fashion rules. It’s frowned upon for royal women to wear pants, and prohibited for a royal to wear a short skirt, or a low neckline, features that became staples in Di’s wardrobe. Another staple – Diana would famously borrow her mother in law, Queen Elizabeth II’s antique jewelled chokers from the royal vault to wear as headbands with evening ensembles. Diana’s style has inspired the fashion world decades after she was royalty, influencing everyone from the common folk to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

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Written by: Marlena Fulkerson
Narrated by: Carmen S.
Edited by: Steven Suñe

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