Yung Joc on Diddy Making Cassie Shave the Side of Her Head (Flashback)

Music artist Cassie recently filed a lawsuit against former label boss and lover Sean “Diddy” Combs, accusing him of sexual assault and physical abuse. In this Flashback from 2022, Yung Joc revealed the circumstances that led Cassie to shave the side of her head. The former Bad Boy artist detailed his excitement to hang out with Diddy in Miami after a yacht outing with his wife. Diddy invited Joc out to the club that night, and Joc recalled seeing Diddy direct his attention to a woman who had the side of her head shaven. After admiring the hairstyle, the music mogul instructed Cassie to style her hair in a similar fashion. Joc said he asked Cassie if she was really going to do it, and she replied, “Whatever Sean wants, I’m going to do.” According to Joc, he saw her with the new hairstyle a few days later.