Would 1090 Jake Accept Money to NOT Talk About Real Boston Richey? (Part 24)

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Part 23: https://youtu.be/HuiJc5oTlnk
Part 1: https://youtu.be/4oEpkZ3EbbU
In this clip with 1090 Jake, Vlad reveals his connections with Boston Richey, a rap artist who had recently defended himself against snitching allegations from fellow rapper Rowdy Rebel. Vlad recalls how he bumped into Boston Richey on his way out of an interview with Akademiks in New Jersey. The two introduced themselves, and Boston Richey later reached out to Vlad for a potential interview. Apparently, a photo of 1090 Jake sporting a t-shirt dissing Boston Richey created a buzz on social media. Reportedly, Boston Richey and his team invest heavily in damage control, even resorting to paying ‘Internet lawyers.’ Jake further claims Richey and his team, backed by the funding of Richey’s alleged $7 million deal with Epic records, tried to bribe him to not talk about his interrogation – an offer he turned down.