Woman calmly shoos large antelope from her kitchen

A hilarious viral video shows a woman shoo the worlds largest antelope with massive antlers out of her kitchen.

Heinecke Pretorius was walking through her Verkeerdevlei, South Africa, home when she spotted the huge eland stood near her back door.

Cute footage viewed more than 1million times shows the farm owner confidently walk up to the 280kg antelope – known as Stompi – and back it out towards the entry.

Fortunately the gentle creature obeyed without problem and stepped outside peacefully before turning away into Heineckes garden.

Heinecke said: All the eland are wild, but some of them accepted me. In the beginning they would just lurk near the house, but now they act like they own the house.

Weve lived on the farm for seven years but Stompi first waltzed into the house at the end of December 2022.

We were sitting in the kitchen, when all of a sudden she trotted in. My husband was not thrilled. Me on the other hand just calmly took her out. The best thing to do is not to spook them.

These days Stompi and her friends just chill around the house. I try to keep the doors closed because the tiles are slippery, and I dont want her to get injured.

So most of the time they just lie under the trees behind my house. They are like naughty children and I swear they understand me.

If you dont feed them, the blue bull and Stompi will stick their heads through the backdoor and beg. Other times they would go round the house and lick the windows to get my attention.

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