Wild Celebrity Hotel Requests

When it comes to being a celebrity there sure are a lot of quirks. But when you’re an unabashed superstar, get out the pen and paper because there will be a lot of requests. Stars in general are known to be considerably more diva than the average person, but when they’re traveling on the clock, they sure put the ride in rider. Find out in this video all the hot gos when it comes to what your fave celebs absolutely need when they’re not sleeping at home. Find out which celeb is always requesting jelly beans. And who needs a separate hotel room for their seeing eyeglasses? Who once left behind nipple tassels? Who needs to strip the upholstery of their hotel room before stepping foot? And how more than one star needs Flaming Hot Cheetos in their lives. Who needs their sandwiches individually wrapped, and which star has a two hundred-person plus entourage? And speaking of two hundred, which star needs two hundred clean towels at the ready when they arrive? And speaking of towels, who needs their towel brand to be exclusively Versace? More than one star needs their room decked out in expensive candles and more than one star needs their room to be all white. Makes you wonder if there’s some sort of difficult celebrity handbook they hand out when you become famous. And finally, which comparatively low-maintenance star just wants some bud light at the ready? Find out the what’s what and then some when you watch Wild Celebrity Hotel Requests. And for all your wild celebrity needs, be sure to like and subscribe to The Things Celebrity.

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0:00 Intro
00:14 Lady Gaga
01:11 JLO
02:07 Rihanna
03:12 Justin Bieber
03:46 Elton John
04:09 Mariah Carey
04:45 Kanye West
05:14 Katy Perry
05:54 Beyonce
06:18 Madonna
06:43 Adele
07:09 Britney Spears
07:34 Jay-Z
07:49 Blake Shelton
08:08 Selena Gomez
08:25 Outro

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Written by: Alessandra Vite
Narrated by:LanessaVO
Edited by: Carolina Jimenez

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