Why Ellen DeGeneres Is A NIGHTMARE To Work With

You’ll Never Believe Who Will Never Work With Her Again And How She Treats Her Staff
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Ellen Degeneres has a reputation for being kind and generous, but a recent Twitter thread makes it seem like she’s anything but! When fellow comedian Kevn T. Porter asked for horror stories about this talk show host, people were only too happy to deliver! Allegedly, she once argued with Russell Brand for daring to consort with her employees behind the scenes. Many tales make it seem like her wife Portia de Rossi is always having to apologize for her, and that Ellen’s interference impacted the filming of Arrested Development. Supposedly she’s not a favorite customer at Meche salon in LA and she and fellow star Rob Lowe are bad tippers. There are reports that she plays favorites when it comes to picking out Christmas gifts for her staff and she isn’t always careful when driving through the parking lot. We all know she and Kathy Griffin don’t exactly see eye to eye when it comes to comedy, but she might have even more enemies than most people realize! Apparently, making eye contact with this star backstage is a huge faux pas and she’s not known for reacting well to simple greetings.

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