What Is So Special About Pete Davidson..

Does Pete Davidson really use SNL as his own personal dating service? The comedian has been linked to a LOT of celebs over the last few years. What’s his secret?

Recently, the Staten Island native has been romantically attached to a string of gorgeous and successful A-list women.

Some fans can’t understand how he gets all the girls! But with talent, charisma, and a load of charm, the twenty-seven-year-old SNL star has been able to date some of the most sought-after celebs in the industry! Sometimes, confidence and charisma can far outweigh classic good looks!

Pete’s trick for landing so many beautiful women? Honesty!

Davidson’s honesty and down-to-earth personality paired with his popularity on SNL has helped him to become a sought-after comedian and a real romantic catch in the Hollywood dating pool! The real question is – would you give Pete a shot?

SNL comedian Pete Davidson is a romantic at heart! Why else would he constantly be connected to some of the entertainment industry’s top A-list stars? Davidson knows how to attract the ladies, and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

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0:00 INTRO
0:14 Kim Kardashian
1:18 Ariana Grande
2:34 Kaia Gerber
3:29 Phoebe Dynevor
4:23 Kate Beckinsale
4:48 Margaret Qualley
5:12 Cazzie David
6:07 Carly Aquilino
6:31 The Secret
7:13 SNL Smooth
8:18 END

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Written by: Laurie M.
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