Welcome to North Philly: Blumberg Projects, Hunting Park, Erie Ave, Kensington Section

00:00 Welcome to North Philly
00:34 Rican Bull
Rican Bull ig @ricanbull
00:40 Blumberg Projects in North Philadelphia ft Turk
Turk ig @turk23ox
0048 Drug trafficking indictments of the projects residents
02:40 Different sections of the Norman Blumberg Apartments
03:07 Breaking down elevators on the first of each month
03:42 The 18th floor “You better not go there”
05:24 New changes in North Philly
06:23 Johnson Homes housing projects
06:33 The Ridge Avenue: Strawberry Mansion Section “SMS”
07:10 2-4 Bloodline
07:32 Kevin Hart’s neighborhood in North Philadelphia Erie Avenue
08:14 Hunting Park section ft EWAY PESO
EWAY PESO @ewaypeso
10:22 The Badlands section of North Philly
10:33 Kensington “Zombie Land”
12:13 Philadelphia car meets and bike life
13:33 South Street
DJ Amir ig @djamir
Song in the intro “Go Crazy” by IsitBeezy IG @isitbeezy117
HoodVlogs ig @thehoodvlogs