Vet carefully removes ROCKS from greedy frog’s stomach

A vet carefully removed rocks from a greedy frog’s stomach.

The pet Budgett’s frog worried its owner when it sat strangely motionless for a prolonged period inside its terrarium.

The owner brought the amphibian to veterinarian Jaturan Luapan of the Animal Space Pet Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, for a check-up.

However, they were shocked when X-ray scans revealed the cause of the malaise – seven rocks lodged in the frog’s stomach.

Jaturan administered anaesthesia and propped open the frog’s mouth using a funnel-like tool. Using forceps, he then reached inside its gut to pluck out the stones.

Following the procedure, the Budgett’s frog was discharged from the animal hospital as it showed no other symptoms or complications.

Jaturan said: ‘I was so shocked when the stones appeared on the frog’s X-ray. Its owner is very attentive, and was able to tell right away that something was wrong. He said he would remove the remaining stones in the terrarium.’

Another Budgett’s frog named Jelly was taken to a vet in Bangkok in April after swallowing 21 pebbles.

Budgett’s frogs, sometimes known as hippo frogs, are characterised by their flat appearance and wide mouth. They are popular as pets, but are known to be opportunistic feeders that will swallow anything smaller than them.

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