Trio of girls perform unreal pose

Literally everything is possible with dedication and teamwork… and strength… and unreal flexibility!

This back-breaking clip features Ella Bohdanova and her athletic friends showing off their love for the game in an incredibly cool manner.

Ella starts by doing a crab pose with one leg up. Then, one of the other subjects wraps herself around Ella’s abdomen area, and as impressive as this visual looks, it’s not the end of the trick!

The third friend then joins in and balances herself on Ella’s raised leg.

The gifted trio holds the unbelievable pose for over 10 seconds, proving how dang good they are at what they do!

"I was practicing a new hard trick with my girls, and this is how it went," the filmer shared with WooGlobe.
Name: Ivan Bohdanov
Location: Las Vegas, USA

Filmed on: 2023-02-01

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