Top 15 Scary Videos You Have to See to Believe

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Last Week’s Video:
Narrated by Chills:
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In this top 15 list, we take a look at scary videos you have to see to believe because they are so full of strange events. These mysterious incidents will leave you just as baffled as we were analyzing them. The entries included are throwbacks of some of Chills’ favorites from the past few years. Watch a Top15s list narrated by Chills every week and stay ready for more scary videos that you’ll scream at.


Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Entry Timestamps:
0:00 Number 15
0:46 Number 14
1:44 Number 13
2:36 Number 12
3:43 Number 11
4:32 Number 10
5:41 Number 9
6:38 Number 8
7:16 Number 7
8:15 Number 6
8:45 Number 5
9:24 Number 4
9:57 Number 3
10:37 Number 2
11:31 Number 1