Top 15 Scary Videos That’ll Even Scare Tough Guys

There exist numerous places, some abandoned and forsaken while others cluelessly inhabited, where unexplained phenomena have been reported for years. Many people, in an attempt to capture ghost encounters on tape, voluntarily venture into and sometimes even lock themselves inside a haunted building for the night and begin a paranormal investigation and try to document their findings on camera. However, what they don’t realize is that the more they stare into the darkness, the better they may see something staring right back. This list of top 15 scary videos contains footage of many such dire supernatural occurrences, and frankly, they will make you shake in your shoes in wretched anguish. Truth be told, these are the scary videos that’ll even scare tough guys.

Sometimes, a haunted house is more than just haunted — sometimes, it is alive and has no intentions of ever letting you leave.
After watching these scary videos, you are going to feel like you are trapped in such a place. Lost in a labyrinth maze of endless hallways and corridors of horror, you may very well begin to question your own sanity, slipping deeper and deeper into the depths of aberration, ultimately acknowledging the truth that you should have stayed away from this compilation of creepy videos that, deep down in your heart, you already knew you were not brave enough to watch.

You will be unprepared for the startling events that this scary comp is going to unload on your heart, mind, and soul. Not only does this list of creepy videos contains happenings that occurred right in the midst of lively, populated areas, but also in abandoned places that were deserted years ago but never demolished. Many such abandoned sites stand to this day and accounts of ghosts, apparitions, spirits, strange noises, and hauntings are frequently reported — many of which you will see in this scary videos’ list.

Now, onto something of great significance: the worst mistake you could do after watching these scary videos is to get excited and try to establish contact with otherworldly entities. Yes, the idea of doing your own paranormal investigation may sound exhilarating but if you are not well-equipped with the needed tools and knowledge, you will likely run into malicious ghosts and be tormented by hauntings.

I want things that send overwhelming chills down my spine and keep me up all night — in plain English, I crave the best the horror genre has to offer! And, the very best of horror does not make you jump out of your seat — on the contrary, it stops you in your tracks by methodically planting the seed in your mind that it is not out of the question for something truly eerie to actually happen to you, and should you find yourself in a ghost encounter some unfortunate day, there is not a single thing you could do about it. That is what really freaks me out! I put together this list of scary videos while bearing in mind to capture the very best of horror as definitively as possible, and I think I can safely say that these creepy videos will do the trick! They will be the fuel for your nightmares for months to come!

The entries of this list are some of the scariest videos you can come across, as they show unnerving real-life ghost and paranormal encounters. Be careful while watching this list; you might see the scary stories in the back of your mind playing out in real life — and they are eerie enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck. So, watch only if you think you can handle the frightful chills that are bound to come your way.

Done watching? That’s great! You are braver than you think. Give yourself a pat on the back! Which of these creepy videos frightened you out of your wits the most? Let me know right below in the comments!













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