Top 15 Scary Videos that are Causing PANIC Online

If you don’t spend hours upon hours on the internet in search of scary videos, creepy paranormal stuff, and unsolved mysteries, don’t worry, because I got you covered. There is nothing like a good bunch of chills packed in creepy videos to watch whenever you get any bit of free time. If you are seriously obsessed with all things horror, allow me to introduce some creepy videos that literally had me shook! In fact, these are the scary videos that are causing panic online, especially on the horror side of the interwebs!

Even if you have never stumbled on the horror side of the internet during your hours-long scrolls, trust me, you haven’t missed out on much. The vast majority of scary videos on the internet don’t in fact live up to their name. My love-hate relationship with just about anything to do with horror began when I was a kid. And to this day, I absolutely enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush a good scary video gives me when I’m watching it, but on the flip side, I utterly detest the paranoia I experience afterwards. Sometimes, I watch one too many nerve-racking scary videos if I have free time on my hands, only to find that at night, my mind would race about the numerous and elaborate ways the paranormal entity from the creepy videos would find me.

But truth be told, I have over-indulged in my hobby far too much. Things have come to the point that the typical scary videos don’t even faze me anymore. If you are someone like me who doesn’t find most scary videos terrifying, or someone that thinks they have seen it all — I have got something to profoundly stimulate your horror-seeking soul. Curious? Good. With this upload, I bring you a list of the top 15 creepy videos that are straight up panic-inducing! Well, now if that has made you all excited and energetic and you intend to jump straight into this top 15 countdown — hold on a second, there. Yes, I have got you a analysis of the most scary videos you will find on the platform, but just know that this list of creepy videos isn’t for the faint of heart. So, just bear in mind that if you get nightmares for weeks, that’s on you, bub.

If you are the type of person that enjoys scary movies, but don’t actually enjoy the whole getting scared part — you know, like, if you are someone who looks away from the screen and turns down the volume at scary moments a lot, boy oh boy, this list of top 15 scary videos isn’t for you. Look at the top right corner of your screen. See that big red X? Yeah, that one. Hit it. Or just close the tab and watch some videos of dogs being cute or someone pranking a bunch of strangers, not this list.
But if you think you can handle yourself, this list of scary videos is the closest you’ll get to safely experiencing the most terrifying situations.
Feel free to let me know which of these creepy videos scared you the most, right below in the comments!


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