Top 10 Weirdest Facts About The Titanic

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Top 10 Weirdest Facts About The Titanic! It’s hard to differentiate even what was real in history and what only happened in the movie. So, it’s nice to look back and remember the very real and very strange facts about the Titanic that might not have been widely known! Here are the top 10 Weirdest Facts About The Titanic!

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10. One of the Smokestacks Was Fake
9. Only 20 Lifeboats Were Added
8. The Female Crew
7. Our Titanic wasn’t the first
6. It Was Predicted?
5. We don’t know who died
4. Whiskey Might Have Saved a Man
3. Shared Bathrooms
2. Right and Wrong In The Movie
1. Lookouts Used Only Their Eyesight

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