Top 10 Times the World Almost Ended

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Top 10 Times The World Almost Ended! Certainly, we’ve all had moments when we realize we will die someday. The existential void is hard to escape, but when all of society is genuinely afraid that we might die all at once, the panic is immeasurable. The world has been convinced of its absolute doom many-a-time, but today we’ve gathered the Top 10 Times The World Almost Ended for your viewing pleasure. Watch, as past societies panic and you eat snacks in front of your computer.

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10. The NORAD Computer Chip Malfunction
9. The Eruption of Thera
8. Asteroid 2018 GE3
7. Bacteria
6. The Black Death
5. Soviet Nuclear Close-Call
4. Rookie Mistake
3. Spanish Flu
2. Mount Tambora Eruption
1. Marine Isotope Stage 6

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