Top 10 Theories the Multiverse is a Real Possibility

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Top 10 Theories the Multiverse is a Real Possibility! It seems like some parts of society and pop culture are coming to terms with the fact that our reality isn’t quite as black and white as we thought. I mean, it’s about time, right? We couldn’t be convinced that our 5 senses were all that there is. Are parallel universes real? Let’s look at the top 10 reasons this multiverse theory could be a real possibility!

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10. The Schrödinger’s Cat Theory
9. Bubble Universes
8. Beginning and End
7. Parallel Universes
6. Observational Evidence
5. Daughter Universes
4. The Universe Is Just Too Big
3. Math and Stuff
2. Just Too True, For An Atheist
1. Rules On Time Travel

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