Top 10 People With Way Too Much Time On Their Hands

Top 10 People With Too Much Time On Their Hands!
Have you ever sat in front of your work, say a blinking cursor on a blank page, a task that needs doing, a subject that needs studying, and been filled with a variety of things you could do instead? Suddenly, you get the urge to bake a pie, or learn to skateboard, or build a spaceship. It seems like there is no one with more time to waste or more creativity than someone with a task they want to postpone. Today, we have the Top 10 People with way too much time on their hands making all sorts of crazy things.

10. DIY Co-worker
9. The Shopping List
8. Office Space or Space Office?
7. Going Bananas
6. Forgot your phone?
5. The Leaning Tower of Lunch Period
4. On The Clock
3. Jell-O Bill
2. All that and a map of chips
1. Matt Damon

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