Top 10 Cases Karma Came for Awful People

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Top 10 Cases Where Karma Came For Awful People!
You’ve heard of karma, right? It’s the belief of cause and effect. You do something good, you get good karma. But, if you do something bad, you get bad karma. I’m on the fence if karma is real or not, but I’m for sure on the side of dumb people instantly getting deserving punishments. Not sure you believe in karma yourself? Well, I’ve got ten examples of it in action that might just change your mind. Here are ten cases where karma came for awful people.

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10. Homeless Veteran Go Fund Me Scam
9. Robby the Robber gets Robbed
8. First Internet Example of Instant Karma
7. Fast Food with a Side of Karma
6. College Bribes
5. Trash Can Prank Goes Wrong
4. Ancient Karma
3. Monkey Gets Revenge
2. Naked Karma
1. YouTuber Prankster gets Karma

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