TK Kirkland on Chadwick Boseman Dying, Compares Black Panther to Coming to America (Part 1)

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TK Kirkland returned to VladTV and started off with describing what life’s been like since the coronavirus pandemic. TK expressed a positive outlook on the pandemic, acknowledging that being able to sit still has allowed him to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He also took the time to stress the importance of people taking care of their health before a pandemic strikes before DJ Vlad highlighted the deaths of Fred The Godson and Frank Cullotta.

The comedian also responded to possibly having competition from Gianni Russo as the person who’s done the most things in life. TK Kirkland talked about hosting the Hard Knock Life tour as well as tours for Ruff Ryders, Cash Money, and N.W.A. The clip concludes with TK commenting on the recent death of Chadwick Boseman and the impact of the Black Panther film.