The Strange Relationship Of Billie Eilish And Her Brother Finneas

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Are They Too Close For Comfort?

“Bad Guy” singer Billie Eilish and her Grammy Award winning older brother Finneas spend more time together than you probably realize. The eighteen year old pop star grew up with her song-writing brother and their actor parents in LA. Finneas, who co-writes most of Billie’s hit tracks, has a background in music and acting; he guest starred on the hit TV show Glee. Finneas has also claimed himself as the sole producer of Billie’s chart topping tunes. The siblings work together all the time and trust each other’s collaborative work. But more than that, this brother and sister duo have a unique kind of relationship. Billie trusts her brother to ensure her work is the best it can be and Finneas prides himself on making sure his sister is happy when it comes to her artistic output. The pair write and record music in Finneas’s home recording studio; they also tour together where Finneas often performs in Billie’s band. Where it starts to get really crazy is that these siblings even dress alike. Billie and Finneas have been seen rocking matching outfits on SNL and red carpets and pushing the boundaries of pop music and fashion. Both Finneas and Billie bring a little bit of strange and odd behavior to the pop music industry but it seems to be working for them. With contracts for James Bond film soundtracks and more awards than they can carry, these siblings are taking each other to the top.


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Written by: Lori Noel
Narrated by: Cam Y.
Edited by: *Ajay Danny*

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