The Mysterious Death of NBA Player Len Bias | UNSOLVED

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The Scary Truth About This NBA Players Shocking Death | UNSOLVED

The 1986 NBA Draft. A unique collection of some of the most gifted players in college basketball. Among these skillful athletes stood a young talent who outshined the rest.

This 22-year-old forward from the University of Maryland was infamously known as Len Bias, a 6’8”, 210 pound small forward with an inside-outside threat, both intimidating and graceful, and the uncanny capability to hang in midair while his opponents shrank beneath him.

With his outstanding abilities and gifted physique, many considered him to be the most elite forward to ever come out of college, one that grasped the attention of NBA scouts, the very model of a futuristic NBA star. Here he stood on the cliff of greatness, yet no one could have predicted the tragic sequence of events that would soon follow.
This is The Mysterious Death of NBA Player Len Bias!

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