The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 739 | Missed Your Cue

The JBP recaps their July 4th (13:35) and Joe shares his experience at the Chris Brown concert (19:56) in the latest episode from the Bionic Six. Kendrick Lamar drops the music video to ‘Not Like Us’ (31:26), Ryan Garcia has been expelled by the WBC (1:06:10), and Stephen A. Smith addresses BET after showing OJ Simpson during the in-memoriam segment (1:18:56). Also, **SPOILER ALERT** AppleTV’s ‘Defending Jacob’ (1:41:50), new music (1:53:17), Taraji P. Henson responds to Keith Lee (2:25:41), Part of the Show (2:34:21), and much more!

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0:00 – Intro
13:35 – July 4th recap
19:56 – Joe’s Chris Brown concert recap
31:26 – ‘Not Like Us’ video
1:06:10 – Ryan Garcia expelled by WBC
1:18:56 – Stephen A. Smith addresses BET over OJ Simpson in-memoriam
1:41:50 – **SPOILER ALERT** ‘Defending Jacob’
1:53:17 – New music
2:25:41 – Taraji P. Henderson responds to Keith Lee
2:34:21 – Part of the Show