The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 602 | The Honey Pack

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Friend of the Show and Colts Linebacker Zaire Franklin returns to the JBP as the gang starts by recapping the Chiefs/Eagles Super Bowl (13:14) before turning their attention to Rihanna’s halftime performance (43:00). Floyd Mayweather Jr. has agreed to an Exhibition Boxing Match (1:25:47), everyone shares their thoughts on the red boots (1:33:26), and have the aliens arrived on earth (1:38:13)? Also, a train derailment in Ohio has caused an environmental disaster (1:48:10), Rest in Peace to Dave Jolicoeur of De La Soul, aka Trugoy the Dove (2:10:31), Will Damar Hamlin play in the NFL ever again (2:16:16), + MORE!

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