The Flakko & Crew Podcast Ep 3: Gunna Snitching, TSF RICO & Tory Lanez v Meg

Debating all of the latest topics in hip hop
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00:00 Intro
2:10 – Guys talk about Riff Raff vs Adam, Riff Raff’s insane athletic skills 
6:31 – Flakko answers if he has to check in when he goes to Liberia 
14:02 – Flakko says the Tory & Meg case has taught him to mind his business 
14:29 – Flakko talks about Megan’s stylist taking stand and saying he doesn’t recall if Megan had a gun in her suitcase and couldn’t answer why suitcase was moved up front 
17:35 – 50 Cent trolls Meg with Jussie Smolett meme
27:22 – Flakko says a No Jumper basketball tournament might reunite the hood, Bricc Baby talks about people getting slapped on No Jumper, says he has to slap someone on No Jumper soon + Bricc says Kelpy reacted like a b*tch to getting punched on 
34:11 – Bricc Baby gives his thoughts on Meg and Tory, says whole situation is tricky 
43:10 – Bricc Baby on Gunna being like his lil bro before rap, guys give their definition of snitching
47:12 – Flakko says he never experienced outright blatant racism + Bricc baby speaks on LAPD dropping people off on their ops block
58:37 – Bricc Baby calls Wack100 a cop, says there’s paperwork out on him 
59:25 – Bricc Baby says speaks on Gunna,  YSL Rico, says prosecutor’s case is trash 
1:03:01 – Bricc Baby talks about Gunna being the first one to take plea, says he doesn’t even know how Wack100 knows any of Thug’s people at this point 
1:04:08 – Bricc Baby talks fighting case with Desto Dubb, talks about what happened when almost everyone maneuvered right in his case lead to people getting out with time served 
1:09:23 – Bricc Baby talks getting caught up for blick at YG, Meek Mill video shoot, breaks down going on high speed chases with the cops and getting away more than he’s been caught 1:18:48 – Guys look up definition of “Gang”, Bricc Baby stresses that being a gang is not illegal 
1:26:15 – Bricc Baby talks about kicking it with BMF at 17 after getting out of juvenile hall, getting accepted to Clark University in Atlanta 
1:28:52 – Bricc Baby speaks on body language being a clear sign of whose the easiest lick + Flakko ask Bricc Baby whose the biggest kick on the Flakko & Crew Podcast, Bricc baby says Flakko would’ve been the easiest lick when he first got to LA 
1:32:52 – Sauce Waka’s crew gets arrested on federal Rico case, Sauce remains free 
1:38:52 – Flakko comments on saying Young thug saying before “I’m a mason, I always beat my cases”
1:39:12 – Guys discuss can a female be a snitch, Flakko says in LA a lot of the females bang harder than the guys
1:48:40 – Flakko says system is still after BMF even while their still locked up, cops claim that BMF were involved in Jam Master Jay’s m*rder 
1:51:09 – Bricc Baby talks about Charleston White calling police on him 
2:04:55 – Flakko & Crew react to Pastor Whitehead being charged with wire fraud and lying to FBI
2:12:45 – Bricc speaks on being cool with Eric and Nipsey before Nipsey’s passing, sharing the same street name with Eric and having people look at him with responsibility 
2:19:18 – Flakko ask Bricc Baby what would the perfect punishment be for Eric Holder, Bricc says he would want him to be let out so he can answer to the streets 
2:23:15 – Bricc Baby says f*** Cowboy  
2:24:23 – Flakko says Master P is full of it, cites him saying his son got a 2 million dollar NIL deal, Flakko explains how Master P and cousin finessed media 
2:29:10 – Guys discuss Lil Romeo going in on Master P saying he’s broke and lives month to month
2:35:22 – Flakko wants to sign to Bricc Baby’s new label, Bricc says they will turn Flakko into Rick Ross 
2:37:36 – Flakko says he will violate anyone who calls Gunna a snitch + Bricc Baby makes it clear no one is going to hurt Gunna in front of him 

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