That Kardashian Cooch Loves An NBA Player — A Working List Of Their Conquests!

Seeing any Kardashian/Jenner sister with a basketball player on her arm isn’t surprising in the least bit. Actually, it’s so common we rarely blink twice when their names are in the headlines with a new NBA star. However, when being called out on her latest pro side piece, Kendall Jenner had a clap back that we couldn’t ignore.

Apparently, social distancing guidelines haven’t stopped KJ from getting her groove on. She was recently seen on a road trip with Phoenix Suns baller Devin Booker and the two looked like they were having a grand ol’ time. However, when haters tried to imply the leggy model was being passed around the NBA, due to her past relationships with a few other players, Jenner responded in epic fashion.

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That Kardashian Cooch Loves A NBA Player — A Working List Of Their Conquests!