Surprising Behind The Scenes Secrets About Tyra Banks And ANTM

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Tyra Banks Can’t Always Smise Her Way Through Life

America’s Next Top Model recently hit streaming services and fans of the franchise were eager to watch their favorite show from start to finish. Unfortunately, time has not been kind to the reality tv show and viewers are finding a lot of problematic material throughout the show’s 24 cycles. One clip circulating the internet has Tyra Banks and her fellow ANTM judges criticizing contestant Dani Evans for refusing to have the gap in her teeth closed by a dentist.

As fans watch through their favorite episodes, viewers are starting to remember other instances of problematic behavior on the set of America’s Next Top Model and throughout Tyra Banks’ entire career as a model, talk show host, and actress. From insensitive comments and photoshoots to recurring celebrity feuds and mistreatment of staff members, the world is wondering what really goes on behind the scenes with Tyra Banks.

America’s Next Top Model isn’t the only source of controversy for Tyra either. She has had her fair share of cancelled shows, fired employees, and celebrity feuds as well including comedians like Joel Mchale and other models like Naomi Campbell and Chrissy Teigen; all of which have been very messy and very public.

Should America’s Next Top Model be viewed as a reality tv relic of its time or should audiences take issue with the ill handling of sensitive topics on the show?

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