Shordie Shordie Explains Sl*pping a Fan Who Threw up G*ng Signs @ Him + Goes Crazy on Bricc Baby.


(00:00) Ak speaks on gambling with UFC President Dana White.

(03:25) Shordie Shordie speaks on the release of his latest album ‘Memory Lane 2’.

(09:29) Shordie was surprised that he has a growing fanbase in China.

(14:00) Shordie explains how he goes about choosing songs for an album.

(24:33) Can a straight man fight a gay man?

(34:30) Why did Shordie Shordie slap someone at his concert?

(57:58) Shordie speaks on how his vocal inflections changing affects his music making process.

(01:01:28) Shordie speaks about remaining loyal to his team

(01:11:48) How has Shordie not been on the XXL Freshman List?

(01:26:00) Where should Ak go when he visits Baltimore?

(01:33:48) Shordie goes crazy on Bricc Baby from No Jumper.

(01:51:21) Ak speaks on getting a chain back from Canadian goons.

(01:54:11) Ak tries to call Adam22 and Wack100 to get Bricc Baby suspended.

(02:14:28) Wack100 calls into the show and says “Shordie would beat the sh*t out of Bricc Baby.”

(02:29:58) What is 2024 gonna look like for Shordie.