Shark hunts seal in front of kayaker and almost knocks him into the sea

A kayaker was lucky not to be knocked into the sea when a massive shark hunting a seal crashed into his boat twice.

Greg Potter, 28, was fishing for bluefin tuna in Waihau Bay, New Zealand, on August 26 when he spotted a seal breaching in the water ahead of him.

Incredible footage shows a mako shark leaping through the surface thrashing its teeth desperately in pursuit of its elusive meal.

Suddenly the seal jumped right past Gregs boat and the shark smashed into the side of his kayak not once but twice before the lawyer could beat a hasty retreat.

Greg said: While fishing, I noticed what I thought was tuna breaching the surface of the water up ahead of me.

Upon nearing the commotion, I realised it was a large shark attacking a seal. I stopped in my tracks and, feeling like I was a safe 200 metres away, I began filming the encounter.

The shark, which at the time I thought was a juvenile great white shark, but which has since been confirmed to be a mako shark, was chasing the seal and leaping clean out of the water in pursuit.

The scene was exhilarating and I was in awe. Distracted by what I was witnessing, the hunt neared closer to the kayak.

By the time the seal and shark were about 50 metres from the kayak, the seal spotted me and decided that my kayak would make a great hiding spot.

It raced full speed towards the kayak and crashed into the side of it. The shark of course followed and leapt clean out of the water right behind my kayak before also smashing into the side of the boat.

This got my heart racing and once I realised the creatures were coming my way I started making a hasty retreat.

While escaping the jaws of death, the seal leapt out of the water on the left of my kayak. Shortly afterwards the shark again smashed into the underside of the kayak, this time with such force that I was almost knocked out of the kayak.

By now I realised I needed to put some serious distance in between myself and the hunt, so I put the phone away and my head down and managed to escape the commotion.

I peered over my shoulder a couple of times and could see the pair continuing to go at it in my trail. I don’t know how the chase ended, but I’d like to think the seal escaped.

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