Saving a Business From Going Bankrupt

Our April Collection is now live for 72hrs:
Thank you to all of the amazing business owners who wrote to us, we hope you all find your paths and that we can continue finding ways to help.

Seek Discomfort commercial by Burning Boat

Composer Bennett Jenisch,
Stop Motion Animation by Brickbrosproductions,
Pixel Art Design by diconcilio,
VO by laithchazz,
Production assistant: Dario Napoli

Good news: Seek Discomfort has now donated over 250,000 meals and 6,500 masks and there’s plenty more coming.

Sending love to all of those affected by everything that’s happening and to all the healthcare workers in the front lines.

Amazing job to the Mads and Taylor from Burning Boat, truly amazing to have worked with these guys:

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