Royal Family Reacts To Camila Becoming Queen

On February 5th, Queen Elizabeth named Camilla Parker Bowles, second wife and ex-mistress to Prince Charles, as Queen Consort. And the reactions from the royal family and public have been anything but unified. Come along as we do a deep dive into what your favorite royals are saying.

Camilla Parker Bowls has been a seemingly controversial figure from the start. A an old-time sweetheart of Prince Charles, she later became his ex and then his mistress. She is now his second wife and will probably soon be queen, once Elizabeth leaves this realm. Camilla’s and Charles’ relationship has been marked by scandal, secrets, and turbulence…which definitely explains the wide range of reactions.

So far, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been silent from their California abode, and probably want to keep it that way. Prince Charles, on the other hand, has been over the moon and we don’t blame him. We’ve seen a quite tepid, but supportive response from William and Kate. And as scandal surrounds Prince Andrew, he remains silent on his opinion in the midst of some serious allegations. Could it be that the news is just a cover-up for what’s going on with Andrew?

Plus, we go into the archives to figure out what Prince Diana would say. It might actually surprise you! We also have some words from Camila’s son and ex-husband, as well as the reactions from the general British public.

One thing’s for certain, though, Camilla always has been and will remain a controversial figure and will soon be Queen.


00:00 INTRO
00:17 What is Queen Consort?
00:52 But Who Is Camilla?
01:36 A Torrid Affair
03:03 Diana
03:41 Queen Elizabeth
04:46 Harry and Meghan
05:17 William and Kate
06:09 Prince Charles
06:46 Princess Anne
07:31 Prince Andrew
08:09 Tom Parker Bowles
08:48 Andrew Parker Bowles
09:33 England

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Written by: Lori Felipe-Barkin
Narrated by: Lori Felipe-Barkin
Edited by: Carolina Jimenez

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