Rebecca J on UFC Fighter Spending 85K on Her, If She’ll Ever do P**n, Stripping & More

Rebecca speaks on her dancing experience, buying as a stri**er starter kit, rich men, her time with Johnny Eblen, and more.

0:00 Intro
​​0:30 Rebecca talks about seeing the Danii Banks No Jumper interview and Rebecca says she is not planning on making her p debut. Rebecca says she is making $200K a month
2:55 Rebecca speaks about the potential of doing it with a fan
5:20 Rebecca says she did her wild girl era during cosmetology school and then became a str*pper
6:50 Rebecca explains what she bought as a str*pper starter kit and the her first night she made $1,000
9:20 Rebecca speaks about how she had no man during her years as a str*pper
12:10 Rebecca says you couldn’t give attitude in Tampa and says that the Atlanta strip club scene was full of rappers and street dudes
15:49 Rebecca speaks about the guys with the weakest game who were always the most famous in the club
17:45 Rebecca gives Adam a gift on the show and it is a designer wallet. Rebecca explains how it became slow in the strip club and then started to skits online
20:20 Rebecca says she started doing her OF account during lockdown and realized she making a lot of money on there without even posting
22:36 Rebecca says she currently does not have a man right now and she wants to be with a goal oriented person
27:50 Rebecca speaks about liking businessmen who are always on top of their game and that is willing to make time for her
30:25 Rebecca says the fighter spent $85K on her and explains that the UFC fighter helped Rebecca with her business
34:10 Rebecca explains how her life has changed since getting a lot of money from OF and investing her money
36:45 Rebecca talks about how she recently acted in a movie called Ballin that is releasing soon, Rebecca said he didn’t even notice Orlando Brown and wants to sit in his interview.

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