Rappers Kicked Out The Hood Vs Rappers From The Hood

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Intro Song: Intro Song: Killswitch – Red Lady

Song In the background while I’m talking:
Blue Benjamin Sleepy – Bow After Bow

Outro Song: Money Marq – Punchlines

Song List In Order:
Rooga – Put It On The Flo

Rooga – Stand Down

Rooga – Scrappers 2

Rooga – Keep It Brief

FBG Butta – Exposing Them

FBG Butta – Reloaded

Joey Fatts – in A Minute

Joey Fatts – Thought I Told You

Joey Fatts – Living Proof

YBN Nahmir – Flip My Lo

YBN Nahmir – West Coast

YBN Nahmir – Rent Due

OWay – New Game

OWay – Not For Kids

Snoopy Badazz – The Licka Store

Snoopy Badazz – Gone And Erased

Shoebox Baby – The Sit Down

Shoebox Baby – OT7 Quanny Flow

Shoebox Baby – If I Was With Glorilla

Tay Capone – Way Back When

Tay Capone – Red Lights 2

Bizzy Banks – Don’t Start Me 3

Bizzy Banks – Obama

Bizzy Banks – Guitar Session

Bizzy Banks – On Lock

CJ – Dubai

CJ – Gangsta

CJ – Red Flag

CJ – Hit Up

EBK Jaaybo – Black Bottle Boys

EBK Jaaybo – Skitz R Us

EBK Jaaybo – Snake Mentality

EBK Jaaybo – Fly Exterminator

Uzzy Marcus – Last Nigga Who Dissed in A box

Uzzy Marcus – Out On Bail

Uzzy Marcus – Run Ricky

22Gz – Shoot4Fun

22Gz – Dizzy Devil

22Gz – Said It’s Smoke

22Gz – Everything Dead

Envy Caine – Target Practice

Envy Caine – Controversy

R3 Da Chillman – To Da Face

R3 Da Chillman – When I Slide

R3 Da Chillman – Only Problem

R3 Da chillman – Got Me One

GoGettaKB – Options

VonOff1700 – On Deck

VonOff1700 – More Kills

VonOff1700 – Walkin Lick

VonOff1700 – Free Brick

Fyndee Boy – Really Him