Princess Diana Vs. Meghan Markle’s Pregnant Fashion

If there is one royal family that comes to mind for their impeccable style, it is the British Royals. After all, Princess Diana, a style icon and a charming personality, left the world in awe of her sophisticated, fun, and playful fashion choices. She was the epitome of grace and elegance, and her style spoke of her individuality. And it seems like the Duchess of Sussex and a former actress Meghan Markle is also joining the league by grabbing international headlines for her modern take on fashion — simple, effortless, and elegant.

From the winter staples adored by both Lady Di and the Duchess to the classic patterns dresses, you will discover that royal fashion is not that far out of reach. It is, in fact, quite relatable, and you too can dress like a royal member. As you can probably guess, we are looking back at the duo’s fashion picks, specifically maternity style, and how Meghan’s pregnancy had us reminiscing about the late Princess Diana era.

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Let’s get styling!


0:00 INTRO
0:09 The Differing Sense of Style
1:17 The Classic Black Coat
1:47 The Forest Green Moments
2:32 The Pattern Trench Coats
3:08 The Stripes Affair
3:51 Count the Dots
4:34 Adorned in Pink
5:07 Off-the-Shoulder Announcements
5:44 Stunners in Blue
6:22 Royals in White
7:04 The Dress With a Twist
7:38 The Fiery Red
8:35 END

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Written by: Rimshah
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: Fabian T.

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