Post-storm inspection in LA home takes a painful turn

On Monday (August 21), following the tropical storms stemming from Hurricane Hilary that battered Los Angeles over the weekend, homeowners sought assistance to assess potential damages. One such effort turned into a surprisingly painful ordeal for a local handyman.

On duty to inspect water intrusion in a residence, the handyman’s day took an unexpected turn. As he navigated the attic, a misstep led to a precarious situation. “As he goes to inspect the attic, he slips off the beam,” recounted the homeowner. The unfortunate handyman found himself suspended from the ceiling, “straddling the beam with his legs either side.”

It took him “more than a few minutes to come back down through the attic’s actual opening,” added the homeowner.

Thankfully, aside from what one can assume was significant discomfort and potential embarrassment, there were no severe injuries reported. This incident serves as a light-hearted yet cautionary tale amid the more serious concerns arising from the aftermath of Hurricane Hilary in Los Angeles.

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