Plaxico Burress: Every Major College Offered Me a Football Scholarship at 16 (Part 1)

Plaxico Burress sat down with Coach PR for his first-ever VladTV interview, and he started out by speaking about growing up in Virginia Beach. He explained that he lived with his mother, who worked several jobs, and his dad wasn’t in the picture. When it comes to athletics, Plaxico explained that he got all the talent between him and his two younger brothers.

Plaxico went on to speak about wanting to quit football in high school to play basketball, which he explained he was more into at the time. On the first day of his sophomore year, Plaxico was sent to in school suspension, which his football coach was in charge of, and showed him a box of letters. Plaxico explained that the letters were from nearly all of the big colleges, and they wanted him to play for them. From there, Plaxico started understanding that he might be better at football than he thought, which you can hear more about above.