Pet tortoise carries garden chair on its back all round the yard

This is the amusing moment a pet Sulcata tortoise carried a garden chair all around the yard – then dragged it to the back of the house.

The eight-year-old reptile named Jeed crawled around the garage when he went under the furniture in Khon Kaen province, Thailand, on August 22.

Jeed’s bulky shell lifted the white wooden seat, but instead of stopping, the animal continued to its destination and dropped it to the corner.

Footage shows the slow-moving tortoise carrying the furniture on his back. Jeed reached the backyard and made a turn before leaving the chair on the side.

Pet owner Yui Nantana said: There was only me, Jeed, and the dogs in the house that time. I thought someone had broken into our house when I noticed the chair had moved.

But the dogs didn’t bark, so I watched the security camera recordings. I found out who the culprit was. Jeed had also carried parcels and tables before.’

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