Oxymorrons Give Advice to Artists Thinking of Signing to a Label & Freestyle Live!

Hailing from South Jamaica, Queens, the Oxymorrons have been grinding for years winning over fans with their live shows.

With a new album, “Complex But Basic,” dropping this summer they recently stopped by Sway in the Morning. They start things off talking about their fitness and diet because we all know being on the road performing every night is no easy task. Speaking on finding the right things that work for you they say that hard times make them work harder.

With their new single “I Feel Better” out now they open up about their relationship with their label Tommy Boy. Giving advice to artists that are thinking of signing to a label they drop gems about knowing how to monetize your art before someone comes in to tell you how they think it should be monetized.

Continuing on they speak on their vast range of sound and how people are quick to categorize them. Sometimes being bad and sometimes working out for the better they speak on the pros and cons of the notion to categorize musicians.

Before they leave both members of the group spit a few bars, lyricism is on full display as double entendres fly steady.

Keep up with these talented NY dudes on Twitter @Oxymorrons.

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