Nivea on Doing 2 Songs with R Kelly: I Didn’t Know About His Creepy Habits (Part 3)

part 2:
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Nivea spoke about dropping her first album, which featured “Don’t Mess With My Man.” She talked about how Bryan Michael Cox produced the record, and that it went on to get Grammy-nominated. Along with that, the track “Laundromat” was on the album as well. Nivea then talked about how she didn’t think the album was going to get nominated for anything or that she would have gotten a record deal from her demo. From there, the artist pointed out that records like “Don’t Mess With My Man” and “Laundromat” were recorded when she was 16.

In this clip, Nivea discussed working with R. Kelly and explained how their song “The One for Me” was really written by her despite the fact that Kelly was given writer’s credit. She also talked about the legal issues he is facing today and whether she saw signs of his predatory behavior while working with him.