Ne-Yo on Trans Kids, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, 2Pac, Mario (Full Interview)

Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer Ne-Yo was the special guest on a recent VladTV exclusive with Gloria Velez. During the interview, Ne-Yo opened up about his songwriting process, particularly when writing for women such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Mary J. Blige. He admitted to not really understanding what goes on in a woman’s mind but suggested that his upbringing in a household full of women perhaps gave him a certain insight. Ne-Yo explained that he writes from a place of emotion, which he learned was not something to be scoffed at while growing up. His emotional perspective seems to resonate more with women. Ne-Yo discussed the societal stereotypes around expressing emotions, suggesting that society shuns vulnerability among men. Ne-Yo also broke down his biggest hits and whether he feels some should’ve been kept for himself. To hear more, check out the full interview above.