Michael Vick & DJ Vlad Argue About Giving Money to Friends as a Millionaire (Flashback)

Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick spoke about his experiences signing his $62 million rookie deal. He recalled how it felt as a kid who grew up in the projects to suddenly be worth eight digits. Vick shared that the journey to the NFL was never a topic of discussion in his household, making the achievement even more special for his family. He mentioned how he used his wealth to provide for his family and friends, helping them start their lives off stress-free. The interview took a debatable turn when Vlad questioned Vick about financially supporting his friends after moving to Atlanta. Vick refuted this, arguing that it isn’t about supporting but being genuinely generous with his money. Even as the debate got intense, with Vick firmly countering that there’s no hard situation about helping those around you, he stressed that he values respect and loyalty above all else.