Meet Phantom – One of the world’s tallest horses, towering 8ft!

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One of the world’s tallest horses has made a new home at a rescue centre after the 8ft tall giant outgrew his previous owner’s stables.

Phantom weighs a staggering 2,000lb – 142 stone – and had to move to a rescue centre after he got too big for his owner to handle.

He is only an inch shorter than Big Jake, the latest horse to be recognised as the world’s tallest, who died last month.

The seven-year-old shire horse is so big, his back is above head height for many riders, and they have to use a special ladder to climb up to ride him.

Rescuers at his home, Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue in Mount Airy, Maryland, USA, said he is the tallest horse they have on the farm – but is a “big baby” at heart.

Thankfully he has 300 acres to explore, and as well as munching down enormous bails of hay every day, he get lots of treats.

And while he may be big and tough, he is susceptible to sunburn on his huge pink nose, so volunteers have to make sure to apply suncream when it is hot.

Many of the around 120 horses at the farm go on to permanent homes, but volunteers are so fond of Phantom, they are going to let him stay forever.

He’s preparing to audition for the centre’s mounted archery and drill routine team, and it’s hoped he will be able to tour county shows soon.

Lauren Nation, 32, development mentor at the rescue, said: “We can’t take Phantom anywhere without crowds coming over to stand next to him and get a picture of the giant horse.

“Many people can’t believe there are horses as big as him.

“Our trainer, Courtney Garner, describes riding him as an incredible experience.

“She rides gigantic draft horses all day but he’s the largest horse she’s ever ridden.

“He has so much power but with his laid back personality he prefers to take things slow and easy which makes the ride even nicer.

“He is the definition of a gentle giant – goofy, loveable, wants all the attention. He comes to the fence line to greet guests and volunteers and is a pleasure to be around.”

Phantom officially measures 20.1 hands tall – 2.06m to his withers – but in reality his head sits at around 8ft.

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