Math Hoffa Commends Saigon & Havoc for Ending Beef and Working Together (Part 1)

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Saigon came through for another episode of his podcast on VladTV, and this time, Havoc and Math Hoffa came through, and Math started off speaking about the importance of Saigon and Havoc working together after ending their beef. Math then blessed Havoc and Saigon with bottles of Ace of Spades to celebrate the occasion, and Saigon went on to speak about watching Math’s career go from being a top battle rapper to starting his podcast. Speaking more about battle rap, Math spoke about the “pros and cons” of battle rapping, including getting respect from veteran rappers. He then detailed seeing some of his favorite rappers at “Rock the Bells,” including Method Man, who showed him respect backstage. Speaking about the cons of battle rapping, Math explained that it’s not an avenue that leads to riches and fame yet, but he added that it can be a stepping stone to that. To hear more, including Saigon speaking about Math being feared in the battle rap scene, hit the above clip.