Mac McClung SAVES NBA Dunk Contest During Black History Month & Rihanna Alphas A$AP Rocky on Vogue

This week our Brilliant Idiots Andrew and Charlamagne were definitely cutting up this episode as they discussed the mysterious unidentified objects randomly appearing, how Ukraine is Joe Biden’s Baby Mama, Mac McClung beating the stereotype and proving White Men CAN Jump by winning the NBA Dunk Contest, and Rihanna’s vogue cover featuring A$AP Rocky. Also, during the episode they discover that Charlamagne has more than just a southern accent…. Redneck Panda! Lastly, they answer some questions for “Ask an Idiot”.

0:00:00 – intro
0:02:00 – Unidentified Frying Objects
0:03:35 – Chinese Investigation Agency
0:05:43 – Chinese sounds like sped up Honky Tonk
0:10:11 – Biden Treats Ukraine Like His Baby Mama
0:11:35 – Ukraine was a way for whites to take down BLM Posters
0:13:37 – WW2 is Underrated?
0:15:49 – Indians are wild for this one….
0;19:26 – Can’t wait for Brittney Griner’s First WNBA Game
0:20:56 – It’s Mac History Month
0:23:57 – Schulz played The Last of Us for the WHOLE Superbowl
0:28:01 – Rihanna at the Superbowl
0:39:01 – Rihanna leads the way for A$AP Rocky
0:46:53 – Get a Mental Health Evaluation Before Starting a Podcast
0:57:42 – Charlamagne Reacts to N.O.R.E. Comments on Loudspeaker Network
1:09:14 – Ask an Idiot
1:17:27 – Gongz

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