Luenell Compares Cosby Liking Sleeping Women to Obama Liking Animals (Part 2)

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Watch Part 1:
In this clip, Luenell gave her take on the Bill Cosby situation and was quite candid regarding her feelings about it. For Luenell, she said whether or not the allegations are true she’s broken because she would either be disgusted by Cosby’s action or by a corrupt system allowing a man like Cosby to be torn down. She said this hurts just as much as it would if we all found out Obama was into bestiality. Luenell also questioned the intentions of the women involved, asking specifically why these women chose to get involved with a married man.

Later on, Luenell discussed the power of representation through the Cosby Show and how that image of Black America, whether directly or indirectly, set the stage for America to accept a Black president.