Lil Wayne on Cheating, Sharing Women, Not Listening to Other Rappers’ Songs

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Lil Wayne sat down for a new episode of The Bumbu Room, where he opened up about his worst habit, which he revealed is finishing things that he started.

Wayne stated, “Staying up to work too long and not ever being finished with whatever I started, whatever song I’m doing—not ever being finished in the studio. Every song that I ever put out was unfinished.”

If that wasn’t surprising, Wayne also revealed that he doesn’t know the lyrics to his songs until he puts it on his setlist for a show. He stated, “I can’t listen to songs that are out already until I put it on a setlist for my show. That’s when I have to listen to the song because I have no idea what the words are… That’s the only time I got back and listen to it because… simply I’m working on other stuff.”