Layzie Bone Recalls 2Pac Defusing Verbal Fight with Suge Knight in Cleveland

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper, Layzie Bone recalls having a brotherly and/or fatherly relationship with Eazy-E, who had him at loss for words when the two met. Even when the late rapper’s schedule was hectic, he still managed to make time to meet with Layzie. “It was like really, really close.” He said, “He had to spread his time out a lot, but for him to personally come get me and share different things… he was mentoring me.”

Further into the interview, Layzie details having a run-in with Suge Knight while in his hometown. Fortunately, Layzie says 2Pac defused the matter before it turned ugly.

“Suge tried to punk me out. I said ‘look here n****, you in Cleveland, you won’t get out this mother*****.'” He told DJ Vlad, “But luckily, Pac was still living. So when Pac came in, he’s like ‘Oh, these my n*****, these my Thugz.'”