Latto on creating Big Energy, Mental Health, being Starstruck & Who She Respects

During the conversation between Nessa and Latto on Nov 17th 2021, Latto shared the success behind her song Big Energy, her father wanting her to race cars professionally, and crying a lot when she removed her father as her manager.

Latto explains her mother and sister being her voice of reason, learning to find her own voice and how reading comments impacts her mental health. She also shared why it was important for her to change her name and remembers being nervous while performing at the MTV VMAs.

Latto shares why she went from being an independent artist to signing to a major record label. She expresses her admiration for Nicki Minaj, shares her love for Mariah Carey and Gucci Mane’s influence on her music. She talks about being starstruck, meeting Halle Berry, Lil’ Kim, Remy Ma, and respecting Cardi B.